Chess Achieves Circa 2013

Bill Clausen started teaching kids in his north Raleigh neighborhood how to play chess a number years ago. But when the kids had learned enough to compete in chess tournaments, Clausen couldn't find one nearby. Clausen eventually started Chess Achieves, a nonprofit that worked with at least 150 kids a week, offering programs in schools, lessons, camps and regular tournaments.

For a number of years this was the website for Chess Achieves.
Content is from the site's 2013 archived pages providing just a glimpse of the type of information it offered its chess loving readers.
When we moved to Raleigh from New York City several years ago, my kids missed the NYC program they were enrolled in, but were enthralled to discover The Raleigh Chess Academy. We had some difficulty moving our carpet cleaning business to this new location, but the Academy became our first new client (they have many rugs at both locations), as well as a place my kids are now totally involved in. We've participated in numerous tournaments and are completely at home in our new digs. When I noticed that the domain had expired, I immediately purchased it and committed my html skills to preserve this website out of gratitude, and as a gift to all the wonderful people who made this a welcoming experience.

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Well it's time for me to pick up my kids from chess!



Chess Achieves is introducing chess to youth; we help kids achieve more through chess. Chess gives kids confidence that carries over to many other pursuits. Reading and math skills of children who play chess consistently soar. Their social skills increase substantially with respect to playing fairly, courage facing difficult situations or opponents, and the patience needed for exceptional timing. Troubled youth benefit from chess with increased interest in learning and a reduction of performance distracting outbursts.


  • Chess improves concentration.
  • Chess develops logical and critical thinking.
  • Chess promotes imagination and creativity.
  • Chess teaches independence.
  • Chess makes relationships between actions and consequences.
  • Chess inspires self-motivation.
  • Chess shows that hard work is rewarded with success.





About Us

Chess Achieves is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that advances community and economic development goals, and works to fill the overall need for capitalization of chess organizers, teachers, and events in this sector. We will serve as an educational resource; working to teach youth chess, train chess educators, and host competitive chess events.

Chess Achieves admits students of any race, gender, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to the community. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, gift programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

Everyone here at Chess Achieves works towards helping children gain life experience and understanding through chess. This opportunity is made possible by the generous support of people like you.




I just wanted to write and thank you for teaching Chess to my girls. They are really enjoying it! Megan has won many games since she began playing but today Sarah got in the car and said she won a game! She was so happy. Megan excitedly informed me she knows 4 languages now. English, Spanish, Whale (finding Nemo), and Chess! I just wanted you to know that the time you put in to these kids is valued. Thank you for all of the kind words and support! The girls were tired out (after the K-12 Wake County Chess Championships) but overall had an enjoyable day. Sarah has worn her medal on the way home, after her shower with her pj’s and again today to school and after when she played with the kids in the neighborhood. I think she’ll remember the day with fond memories. – Kris Jolley Chess Parent

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for everything you do for kids in the area through Chess Achieves. Chess is an incredible game that helps kids develop in so many ways… logic, decision making, creativity, sportsmanship, focus… (I am preaching to the choir I know), but what you do is about more than chess and offers a positive contrast to many things that are promoted for kids today. Through Chess Achieves
you foster an environment that is both challenging and encouraging, competitive and affirmative. At the risk of sounding over-sentimental, I look around during Chess Achieve events and wonder what some of the kids will go on to accomplish. I hope scholastic chess continues to grow in the area! Thanks Again. – Jim Dunay Chess Parent

On behalf of the students and parents of Vance Charter School Chess Club, I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job in organizing this year’s tournament. We were all very pleased with every aspect of the planning done by you and your volunteers. It was very obvious to us that much time and effort were devoted to assuring the success of such an important event for our North Carolina students. Raleigh is such a great location!! Hopefully, you can keep it in Raleigh again next year. See you at a future tournament. – Ray Hight Vance Charter Chess Coach

Thank you for a great Chess Experience this weekend! The kids really had a wonderful time, and got so excited with their 8th place Trophy in the K-5 Section! – Maria Angelica Bilan Leesville Elementary Chess Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed being a Scorekeeper at the Tournament! It was, by far, the best run, smoothest operating, most enjoyable tournament I have ever been involved in over the past 10 years! – Jim Lienberger Volunteer

I first want to congratulate and thank you on behalf of my students and parents who had a marvelous time at the States Championship! Thank you! – Fabio A. Hurtado Chess Coach

Thank you so much for reaching out to us and giving us a heads up about the Chess Tournament. Also, it was a pleasure partnering with you. It was a great weekend for us. We hope that you and your team had a successful weekend as well. Please keep us posted of any future events you guys do in the Downtown Raleigh area. Just so you know, we also have a McDonald’s restaurant in the Glenwood South area on Peace St so if you have any events in either of those areas, please feel free to let us know so that we can partner with you again. – Yvette Wills McDonald’s South Street

Thanks for great tournament. It was truly the best tournament we ever attended. You thought of so much to make it kid friendly and put so much of yourself into it. – Marion Bhatt Chess Coach and Parent

I think we had a very successful weekend and the final numbers were very good (484 players), just 20 short of the all time record. I think Chess Achieves did a great job of focusing on raising chess awareness in the community and the coverage by the media was excellent. – Walter High NC Chess Board Member

Excellent work Bill. Thanks for all your hard work you give allot more than you get and I really appreciate what you are trying to do for chess. – NM Craig Jones Durham Academy Coach

Thank you for the chess sets you gave us. We all appreciate your generosity to help us learn and master the techniques of the great game. While I was learning, I was also imagining the shiny and delicate pieces enclosed in the black pockets. I was filled with enthusiasm to get my hands on one of the new 10 sets. When I finally got to feel and touch the pieces I was stunned. And again I thank you with the bottom of my heart. I guess all of my classmates do. – Selena Flores

Thank you for the chess set you gave Mr. Brannan’s chess classes. We have used the old sets so much there almost peeling off, but now they will survive our mad chess moves. We are very grateful to have such a honor in having these chess sets. You are very kind to have given us a chance to play chess in real life, not the computer! We are very competitive in his chess class. I have won all of my games except for MR. Brannan. He’s really tuff to beat! You are very kind to have give us these beautiful chess sets. – Nathan Hoyt

Thank you for the chess sets. We really needed those for our chess class, and we are very grateful to have the sets. This year we are learning all about chess. We are learning how the pieces move, and where to move. I am a master of chess, but still getting beaten by my friends. He is a master of chess too. I did not know how to move the pieces, I thought it was the same as checkers. I learned that it is similar to chess, but you do not move the same way as checkers. Chess is very fun. I think it is the best game for increasing the way you act [smartness] – Malik Barnes

Thank you very much for sending us the chess sets and books for us to play. We appreciate you for giving them to us. I am so happy you gave the chess sets to us. We all learned how to play chess by reading the directions, and I took the test in order for me to play in the chess class. Chess is very awesome to play because you have to think about where you want to move on the chess board. When I play against my friends I lose all the time but I still want to play it over again and again and again. Chess is a very fun game to play when you learn a lot about how to play it. I love to play chess because you try to beat your friends and you either lose or you win it does not matter because it is just a game and you can play it over and over again. I played against on of my friend and she beat me and I did not get mad over it because she won and it was a fair game. – Tabitha Ducey

We enjoy playing chess. I enjoy playing chess with my friends and beating them instead of playing the computer. We are going to have a tournament because we are doing great with chess. You should come and play with us sometime. – Jesus Rodriquez

This year we are learning how to play chess, and the rules of chess. We are learning where the pieces can move and where thy can not move. At first I thought chess was the same as checkers but now I know it aint. I am a master at chess but still I lose sometimes. Thank you for the chess sets. – Juan Vargas



Playing chess

Public Schools with Chess Programs

  • Davis Drive Elementary
  • Morrisville Elementary
  • Brassfield Elementary
  • Turner Creek Elementary
  • Davis Drive Middle
  • Leesville Elementary
  • Highcroft Elementary
  • Wake Forest Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Hunter Elementary

Private and Charter Schools with Chess Programs

  • Franklin Academy (K-3 and 4-8 grades)
  • Thales Apex, Raleigh, & Wake Forest
  • TMSA
  • Ravenscroft
  • Montessori School of Raleigh (K-5)
  • The New School Montessori
  • Casa Esperanza Montessori
  • Saint Timothy’s
  • Endeavor Charter School
  • Saint Raphael’s Catholic School

Where to Buy Chess Supplies

Wholesale Chess:

Chess Supplies We Recommend

  • 0130 Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces with 3 3/4″ King
  • 0201 Quality Vinyl Chess Board – 20″ – Forest Green
  • 0314 Perfect-Fit Chess Pieces Bag – Black

Demo Board for the Instructor

0861 Complete 36″ Demo Chess Board with Clear Pieces, Bag and Tripod – Blue $65.99







Our camps are designed to teach and practice chess while having fun!

Wooden Chess Set

We offer:

  • Chess Classes for all Scholastic Playing Levels
  • Maximum Student/Coach Ratio is 10 to 1
  • Exercise Challenges and Activities Everyday
  • 5 Minute Blitz and Bughouse Chess Games
  • Chess Tournaments with Trophies
  • Typical Program Ages 6-14

Full Day Camps run Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm $295
** Please Note: Chess is only offered ½ of the day during any camp week. We pair up with other great programs at the same location to offer parents full day camp options.

1/2 Day Camps offered Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm $175

Holiday Weeks- We run special short camps for some holidays. Want to be on our
distribution list?



Locations for Group Lessons

Chess Tournament

  • Raleigh Chess Academy
    10320 Durant Road STE 101
    Raleigh, NC 27614
    (919) 272-8017
  • Cary Chess Academy
    501 Keisler Drive STE 104
    Cary, NC 27518
    (919) 272-8017



Chess Tournament


Our Chess Lessons:

  • Chess Classes for all Levels
  • Typical Ages 6-14
  • Max. Student/Coach Ratio is 10 to 1
  • Flexible Attendance Scheduling
  • Our Curriculum
  • Private Lessons Available ($58/Hour)

Lesson Options:


  • Sunday 1p to 2p
  • Sunday 2p to 3p
  • Sunday 3p to 4p

North Raleigh

  • Sunday 4p to 5p
  • Sunday 5p to 6p

chess lessons


Want to see more options? Email Us>

Lesson Schedules with Map

Chess lessons run year round.

  • Cary Lesson Schedule – Summer 2013>
  • North Raleigh Lesson Schedule – Summer 2013>

Lesson Fees: $120 for 6 Lessons

  1. Review Chess Classes>
  2. Print and Fill out the Lesson Registration>
  3. Pay Onsite at your 1st lesson with check or credit card. Visa, MasterCard, or Discover




Let’s get ready for a Chess Tournament!

chess tournament

Tournaments are a great way to test your chess skills against other players. We encourage everyone to make new chess friends and relationships at our tournaments. If this is your first time then take a deep breath and try to relax- mistakes will be made, their may be a heartbreaker or two, but it is all part of learning the game.

Chess Tournament

Chess is a great way to learn many lessons about life. Patience, planning, and sportsmanship under pressure are just some of the many skills we can improve. We can also learn a lot about ourselves through how we play chess. Some children play very aggressively and some play very defensively, this is an excellent opportunity to assess your child’s current strengths. The best players are balanced and know when to be aggressive and when to be defensive and sometimes when to simply be patient. This all takes time and practice.

USCF Rated chess tournaments require chess notation (writing down all the moves) for players in 3rd grade and above and that the child be a scholastic USCF member.

2012-2013 Tournament Schedule (with address locations)

Tournament Details

Individual Tournaments

USCF Rated and Not Rated Sections
New Players Welcome -Spotted Rating 40 X Current Age
Raleigh and Wake Forest Formats: Round Robin (Groups of 4)
Cary Format: Swiss (Groups of 8 to 10)
Entry Fee: $20 Online or $25 at Site
Participant Ages: 17 Years and Under
On-site Registration: On-site Registration 1:00 to 1:15
Trophies & Awards: 4:45
Time Controls: GAME/30 for most sections, GAME/45 for Top Section Players

Blitz Tournaments

USCF Rated and Not Rated Sections
New Players Welcome -Spotted Rating 40 X Current Age
6 Rnd Double Swiss (Adult Section, K-8, K-5)
Entry Fee: $10 Online or $15 at Site
Participant Ages: Adult and Youth Welcome
On-site Registration: 1:00-1:15
Trophies & Awards: 4:30
Time Controls: GAME/5 with 2 second delay

K-12 Team vs. Team

USCF Rated and Not Rated Sections
3 Round Swiss: 1:30, 2:35, and 3:40
Sections: We will group in Teams of 4 based on Average Team Rating
Entry Fee: $20 per Individual Player Online
Players: Minimum 3 participants up to 5 per team
Only 4 players count towards team score per round
Substitution allowed each round to rotate sub
No limit on the number of teams per school
Participant Grade Levels: K-12
Payment Options: Bring payment to site or pay online individually.
Trophies & Awards: 4:45
Time Controls: GAME/30
What to wear: Your school colors!

Wake County Scholastic Championships

Eligibility: Must live or attend School in Wake County.
4 Round Swiss: 1:30, 2:35, 3:40, and 4:45
Entry Fee: $20 Online or $25 at Site
Team: Top 4 participants from each school count towards section team score
No limit on the number of teams per school
Sections and Trophies: K-1, K-3, K-5, K-8, and K-12 Team and Individual
On-site Registration: 12:45p to 1:10p
Trophies & Awards: 6:00p
Time Controls: GAME/30
What to wear: Your school colors!